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Crafted by 5th Generation wine blenders, Mavem Aguardente is made exclusively from carefully-selected, young Portuguese wines, which are triple distilled in column stills before being matured in palm oak casks. Mavem is a product of Dynamic Maturation in the Tejo valley at sea level, which offers high temperature amplitudes for a rich flavor palate.

Mavem combines a contemporary expression of the Azulejo and Manuelino styles, resulting in a modern take on traditional rich Arguadentes. Mavem can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, or in a variety of delicious cocktails.

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Mavem Aguardente

This artisanal, aged Portuguese Brandy is triple distilled and matured for 8 years in small French oak barrels. Tasting notes include floral nuances, vanilla, marzipan, figs and orange, with an elegant finish of cherry, orange & praline. 41% ABV.