NAUD Cognac

NAUD Cognac


About The Brand

Over the last century, five generations of bold and passionate entrepreneurs have crafted spirits following in the footsteps of famous fruit-liquor maker Emile Perrier. The latest to carry out this tradition are even somewhat rebellious. In the 1980’s, Jean-Michel Naud, a trained oenologist and passionate explorer of wines and spirits and son-in-law of Robert Perrier, rediscovered the distillery. Today, with his son Pierre, they have decided to reignite the flames under the copper pot stills to create a distinguished line of Cognacs.

Under the brand name NAUD – also referred to by the moniker “Noble and Unusual Distillery – the Naud family invites you to share their passion for the art of distillation by revealing these treasured spirits which have been kept secret so long.

Built in the 19th century in the Cognac region, the ancient grain mill of Pinthiers, with its authentic paddle wheel, became the family distillery in 1923. Well-hidden among the greenery and set upon a small island, the old limestone building, which is surrounded by lime and willow trees, is bordered by two arms of the River Seugne, which flows into the River Charente. This outstanding distillery, hidden on its own island, now produces some of the world’s finest Cognacs and NAUD is now ready to share with the world.

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Product Information

NAUD VS Cognac

Aromas of pear and peach evolve into toasted almonds and cinnamon. Fresh and well-balanced on the palate, with notes of fruit, honey & lingering vanilla. This fresh and expressive Cognac is best appreciated neat, on the rocks or in a legendary cocktail such as a Julep or a Sidecar. 40% ABV.



Elegant aromas with a hint of vanilla, dried fruit, mild spices, cinnamon and nutmeg. Supple and fruity on the palate with notes of orange, peach and a touch of oak on the finish. This soft and seducing Cognac is to be enjoyed neat or in cocktails. 40% ABV.


NAUD XO Cognac

Smooth and rich aromas with fragrances of candied orange, prune, leather and cinnamon spice. On the palate, complex and long lasting notes of Seville orange, tobacco and earth. A truly rich and complex Cognac with extraordinary suppleness. 40% ABV.


NAUD Extra Cognac

Notes of candied orange and quince are followed by aromas of mocha and cedar. On the palate, bold and persistent notes of orange peel, leather & tobacco with toasted vanilla at the finish. This strong and masculine cognac embodies the Heritage of the NAUD Master Distillers extensive experience. 42.3% ABV.


NAUD Vodka

Subtle aromas of malted barley, biscuit and roasted hazelnuts. Smooth on the palate , it reveals lingering notes of puffed wheat and nougat. 40% ABV.



Aromas of lime, grapefruit and flowers freshly picked from the garden. On the palate, lively notes of citrus fruit mixed with minty notes and sweet spices (cinnamon, cubeb, green cardamom). The grip of juniper then gives way to bergamot which resolves into a fresh and persistent finish. 40% ABV.