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The Kamptal village of Zöbing, with some 700 inhabitants, has been home to our estate for more than sixty years, located right at the point where the river Kamp leaves the narrow valley of the Waldviertel (coming out of the woods, so to speak), and flows south. The nearby Heiligenstein and Kogelberg certainly set a romantic scene, but more importantly provide the soils and elevation ideally suited to cultivation of the vine. During the night, north winds cool the vineyards, while during the day we couldn’t ask for finer sunshine to warm our hillsides and terraces. These aspects, coupled with the calming effect of the nearby river, impart a generosity to our fruit that is matched only by the evenness with which it ripens. And the area itself is simply ideal for Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, our specialties.

The estate has grown large enough to produce a respectable quantity of both but remains small enough that we are able to keep a firm hand and a watchful eye on all that transpires in the vineyard, the cellar, and in-between. Ever since Johann Brandl Sr. founded our family estate, two generations have collaborated here in the pursuit of excellence. The older generation – Elisabeth and Johann – provide experience and tradition, while Petra and Günther offer new ideas, energy and a fresh outlook. We live on the estate and live with the estate; the care we take with it – and with nature in general – provides the foundation for the work we do and the wines we put in the bottle.

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Product Information

Brandl Gruner Veltliner Zobing

A classic Austrian Grüner Veltliner, complete with the signature white pepper note. Spicy and herbaceous with a delicate hint of green walnut. Satisfying mouth-feel, shows charm and class; the ideal partner for a variety of dishes.



Brandl Riesling Helligenstein

Classic flavor with notes of ripe apricot and a hint of orange. A bit of patience and a couple years in the cellar will add to its charm and develop a harmonious palate with a pleasingly silken texture. A precious stone with many facets, the wine balances well in the finish with ripe acidity alongside the bright minerality characteristic of Heiligenstein.