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About The Brand

The family name comes from the small city of Moelln in northern Germany, deriving from the word “Burgomestre,” meaning head of the municipality.

At the end of the 18th century, the company was dissolved and Henry Burmester Jr. established a new port wine company alongside his two sons, Frederick and Edward—H. Burmester & Sons. In 2005, the Sogevinus–Fine Wines Group acquired the Burmester Company, continuing the tradition of producing Porto wines of excellence.

Our mission is to ensure leadership in terms of quality, with Burmester investing in the high quality of its wines, continuing the tradition that has been followed throughout its 250-year history.

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Product Information

Burmester White Porto Botttle Shot

White Porto

Lively citrine color with greenish reflexes. Rich and complex nose, dominated by floral aromas and an intense expression of fruit. Smooth and silky in the taste, reveals a great freshness, good balance and sophisticated elegance.

A delicious aperitif served fresh, simple or with toasted almonds and dried fruits. Its freshness and lightness makes it the perfect choice to serve with a salad of fresh figs and smoked ham, or a tempting grilled sole with almond crust. This versatility is extended to desserts, pairing brilliantly with tropical fruits, such as a carpaccio of mango and papaya.


Burmester Ruby Porto Bottle Shot

Ruby Porto

Deep ruby-reddish color. Vigorous and elegant nose, marked by aromatic joviality. The fruity bouquet, fresh and original, reveals an exceptional experience, extended in the vigorous taste, great exuberance and persistence.

Its versatility and freshness express its potential in a diversity of desserts and cheeses of medium intensity. Combine with strawberry and yogurt mousse, clafouti of red fruits or puff of camembert with raspberry and rosemary.


Burmester Tawny Porto Bottle Shot

Tawny Porto

Bright brown-tawny color. In the nose it is replete with ripe fruit with attractive vanilla nuances. The taste shows a delicious freshness and a well-defined fruity character. Velvety, round and remarkably engaging.

It is the ideal aperitif served with dried fruits. Combines perfectly with a large variety of desserts that have caramel, coffee, apricots and dried fruits. Magnificent with caramelized nuts, tiramisu, hazelnut
meringue pie and brie cheeses.


Burmester Jockey Club Tawny Reserve Bottle Shot

Jockey Club Tawny Reserve

Bright garnet color with orange reflexes. Large and perfumed nose with an intense bouquet of dried fruits, spices, notes of caramel and a roasting touch. In the mouth it is full-bodied, unctuous and complex but, simultaneously, reveals a notable elegance extended in the persistent finish.

The aromatic richness and the flavors elegance makes it the ideal combination to serve with a diversity of desserts, such as pear and raspberry puff, pumpkin pudding with spices and coconut chiffon with milk caramel.


Burmester Sotto Voce Porto Ruby Reserve Bottle Shot

Sotto Voce Porto Ruby Reserve

Lively ruby color, with violet halo. Of great aromatic elegance, presents a magnificent bouquet of wild ripe fruit. Delicate and young, this wine is marked by its fruity and intense character, silky and warm in the mouth, with a long and persistent finish.

The joviality and exuberance of the fruit makes it the ideal choice to serve with rich chocolate desserts and/or wild fruits. Absolutely delicious with cheesecakes, Panna Cotta with raspberry syrup, chocolate truffles and cheeses of medium intensity, like camembert.


Burmester 10 Year Old Tawny Porto Bottle Shot

10 Year Old Tawny Porto

Intense brick color, with amber halo. Great complexity in the nose, bringing attention to the dried fruit aromas, almonds and hazelnuts touches, combined with honey and vanilla notes. Refined taste, of great softness, elegance and intensity. A full wine, round, extended in a rich and intense, fresh finish.

Slightly refreshing, it is the ideal choice to serve with appetizers like strong cheeses and pâtés. The velvety texture and the singular aromatic expression stand-out remarkably with main courses that have dried fruits. Irresistible with a tureen of foie gras with aubergine and nuts. Wonderful choice to serve with a myriad of delicious caramel brownies, chocolate and pistachio pavê and nuts crostini with cheese chèvre.


Burmester 20 Year Old Tawny Porto Bottle Shot

20 Year Old Tawny Porto

Delicate yellow color, with a long ochre rim. An opulent and voluptuous nose, with complex aromas of wood, dried fruit, raisins and honey. The palate is laden with rich and concentrated flavors. Long and velvety finish. Burmester 20 Year Old is the result of a careful blend of wines aged for 20 years in oak casks. With an orange color, it presents a bouquet of wood, dried fruits, raisins and honey. In the mouth it is intense and voluminous with a long finish.

Ideal to serve with cakes, fruit tarts and dried fruits.