Castello D'Alba

Castello D'Alba

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About The Brand

This wine is produced in Rui Robredo Madeira’s winery in Sar Joao da Pesqueira, from a selection of grapes from the best vineyards in the Upper Douro.

Castello d’Alba was the first wine he launched in 2000, and Madeira has always wanted it to reflect his experiences and vision of a new Douro that combines cutting edge winemaking with native grape varieties, creating its own modern and innovative style.

Castello d’Alba emerges from the new wave that has transformed the Douro Region forever—at least as it was once known. Today, it is one of Douro’s leading brands, and is features in the best restaurants and hotels throughout Portugal.

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Product Information

Castello D'Alba White

Fresh mineral aromas, and citrus and floral hints which are very typical of high-altitude Douro white wines. Fresh on the palate, vibrant and fruity with medium finish. Serve as an aperitif or with grilled fish, shellfish, pastas and pizzas.


Castello D'Alba Reserva White

Complex aromas with a mineral character balanced with tropical and citrus fruits, white wild flowers, as well as discreet and evocative toasty hints of oak. Full and creamy on the palate, with nice body, freshness and a very long finish. Perfect with baked fish, soft cheeses, and spicy and aromatic dishes like shrimp curry.


Castello D'Alba Red

Aromas of red berries and spices reveal gentle maceration in order to preserve the typical notes of these grape varieties and make the wine ready for consumption after bottling. Typical aromas of Douro grape varieties. Sweet hints of rock rose, flowers, blackberries and spices add to the aromatic
complexity. Very smooth on the palate with balanced acidity and fine tannins. Serve on its own or pairing with traditional Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.


Castello D'Alba Reserva Red

Very complex, intense aromas with the Touriga Franca conveying wild berries and rock rose. Spices and red fruit from the Tinta Roriz and very fresh, elegant floral notes of violet from the Touriga Nacional. 12 months aging in American and French oak barrels give the wine the mature touches
of a great Douro wine with a modern, international profile. Sweet and full on the palate, with very soft, polished tannins and a long, warm finish. Serve with game, cod and Mediterranean cuisine.


Castello D'Alba Superior Red

Very elegant and refined, a modern style that fully preserves the soul of the Douro’s native grape varieties. The aroma harmoniously blends the concentration of Douro Superior reds in all their complexity. Berries, hints of rock rose, spices, exuberant violets and extremely fresh notes of basil and bergamot. The long maturation in barrels produced a wine with great aromatic elegance, where the scents of the Douro are not masked by excessive notes of oak. Very smooth and ripe tannins, fresh and aromatic, very elegant, long finish.