Castelo do Sulco

Castelo do Sulco

Castelo do Sulco Vineyard

About the Brand

Quinta do Gradil is considered one of the oldest properties in the municipality of Cadaval. With historical references that date back to the end of the fifteenth century, Quinta do Gradil prides itself on its eighteenth-century palace, a major landmark of the region. The history of the property is enriched by names such as the Marquis of Pombal, who acquired it in the eighteenth century and began cultivating the property’s vines.

The property was kept by his successors until the 20th century. The finest terroir of the Lisbon wine region and the experience of the past, together with the most advanced technology, are reflected in the wines. Quinta do Gradil is located on the western foothills of the Serra de Montejunto, in the transition area between the humid winds from the Atlantic and the permanent winds from the West, in a region known for its dry summers.

Product Information

Castelo do Sulco Red Reserva

Soft, round and full-bodied on the palate. The brief aging in oak barrels gives this wine complexity and smoothness.