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Quality and characteristics of a wine are the result of daily decisions. From tilling the land, for planting vines, to the moment of bottling, nothing should be left to coincidence or excessively manipulated. Then the philosophy of the producer and her or his relation with Nature, and with technology, are essentials elements for understanding and appreciating wine, above all the mere sensory characteristics.

They are more important than any organoleptic characteristic, which are linked to traditional parameters. Each wine of Corte Sant’Alda comes from a specific vineyard, which was chosen and preferred for the position, the grape varieties, the age and the training system, in order to bring a specific wine and ensure a well-defined quality.

All the grapes, which are certified organic and Demeter, are hand picked in the optimal moment of ripeness, making us to pass more than one time in the same vineyard.

Fermentation is spontaneous (with native yeasts) and takes place in 40 hl oak conical vats, where temperature is partially controlled. At the end of this phase, which generally lasts 15 days or, in the case of Amarone, one month, and after racking, the wines are all aged in wood, with the exception of Soave. The type of woods are different, also for capacity and age, and the period goes from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the wine.

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Product Information

Corte Sant’Alda Soave

Intense yellow. Ripe apple, citrus, final characteristic of bitter almonds. Fruity with excellent texture.


Corte Sant’Alda Valpolicella Ca'Fui

Bright red. Scents cherry, raspberry. Dry and velvety with good acidity and enhanced minerality.


Corte Sant’Alda Valpolicella Campi Magri

Hints of cherry and ripe plum. Harmonious, warm, with spicy aftertaste. Complex, elegant and persistent.


Corte Sant’Alda Valmezane Amarone

Deep red, almost grenade. Fruity, with mineral notes, spices and tobacco. Full flavored, full-bodied, balanced and intense.


Corte Sant’Alda Recioto

Red with garnet hues. Notes of ripe fruit, spices, black pepper, tobacco. Full and elegant palate.