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About The Brand

Ruelas was born to mirror the uniqueness of the Portuguese cobblestone sidewalk. In homage to craftsman  masters, the art of their work is a staple image of Portugal, and their profession is one of the oldest of our national history. The production of these wines was done carefully, with time and a lot of passion.

A crisp Vinho Verde is perfect for sipping on a warm summer evening and a Red Reserva blend delivers structure and elegance.

Product Information

Ruelas Red Reserva Bottle Shot

Ruelas Red Reserva

This Reserve is a blend of three different grapes which combine structure and elegance. The wine offers aromas of ripe red fruits and spice compotes. On the palate are round, soft tannins with a luscious and persistent finish.


Ruelas Vinho Verde Bottle Shot

Ruelas Vinho Verde

Ruelas Vinho Verde is a light and floral white wine with flavors of apricots and citrus. This is a perfect pairing for seafood, salads, light dishes, and Asian foods.