About the Brand

Thousands of years ago, nature painted an abstract picture in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. From the height of its wisdom dared to confront fire, air and water in apparent chaos that generated life. Where the incandescent lava danced with the sea, in an infinite white mist, was born the grey island. Pico Island. Portugal’s highest mountain. Volcanic land, wild atmosphere, salty sea.

The terroir is as unique as mother nature’s boldness in bringing together the elements that created it: fire, water, air.

It is a paradise where the master-dreamer of volcanic wines found the perfect balance and ingredients to create something unique. Thus, the formation of yet another singular phenomenon took place. From volcanic rock, wine was created. We present Eruptio.

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Product Information

Eruptio Arinto Dos A├žores

Appealing aroma with discreet notes of fresh tropical fruits, becoming more complex with slight nuances from the oak barrel where it fermented and aged and a pleasant volcanic sulphur. In the mouth it has a refreshing acidity and minerality. Very engaging and persistent volume. Saline end.


Eruptio Blend

Greenish-yellow color. Aroma of ripe citrus and tropical fruits on a background of seaweed, reminiscent of the sea breeze in a volcanic environment. Very round mouth, with vibrant acidity and saline finish.


Eruptio Verdelho

Aroma marked by notes of citrus fruits and soft gunpowder, involved in a pleasant and very mineral volcanic profile. In the mouth it is elegant and refreshing, showing all the influence of the proximity to the sea.