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Rioja Bordón

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About The Brand

Rioja Bordón is an iconic wine produced by Bodegas Franco-Españolas, one of the great wineries in La Rioja region of Spain. With nearly 125 years of history it occupies a foremost position in the world of winemaking. Throughout its storied history, the winery has hosted a number of dignitaries ranging from Spain’s King Alfonso XIII Ernest Hemingway. Committed to progress and renewal, Bodegas Franco-Españolas is no stranger to evolution and currently embodies the perfect combination of respect for tradition and technological innovation, thus producing great wines that endorse its long history.

Bodegas Franco-Españolas was founded in 1890 thanks to the golden age that Rioja experienced in the 19th Century, when the French, whose vineyards were agonising under the attack of the phylloxera plague, came to the region in search of replacement vineyards. This marked the beginning of the development of “fine Rioja wines.” All this led to the founding of “Bodegas Franco-Españolas” in 1890 by Fréderic Anglade Saurat, of the Bordeaux firm Anglade, along with some Spanish partners, a merger between France and Spain, which translates into English as “French-Spanish Wineries”.

With its exceptional location on the banks of the Ebro River, the winery has borne witness to the history of Logroño. Under the ownership of the Eguizábal Family since 1983, the winery is currently engaged in many new projects and has established itself as a leader in the field of wine tourism with a range of events and cultural activities.

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Product Information

Rioja Bordón Blanco

Intense fruity aromas of white, citric and tropical fruits. Very clean and fresh on the palate with a nice acidic finish.


Rioja Bordón Crianza

Crimson red with ruby red hues, it displays soft aromas of toasted oak and vanilla. Structured and smooth it showcases a savory maturity and elegant tannins. Good balance between fruits and spice in its long and elegant finish.


Rioja Bordón Reserva

Ripe cherry in color with ruby-red hues and a medium-high depth; in the nose: fairly intense aromas and elegant classicism, ripe red fruit, jam, toffee, chocolate and cocoa, aromatic herbs, cedar and spices. In the mouth: well-structured, tasty, good balance and a good fruity sensation. Broad and elegant through the mouth. A ripe, deep finish.


Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva

Ruby red in color with russet hues. Complex in the nose, good intensity, balsamic, spicy, leathers, tobacco; all of this over a delightful candied fruit backdrop. A very enticing combination. In the mouth: elegant, tasty, highly aromatic, voluptuous tannins still present in the classical style and lasting through the aftertaste.